Vita-Botanical Sebu-ACE Oil


Environ Sebu-ACE oil is a light-textured botanical and vitamin-enriched oil that helps to control the appearance of blemishes.

It is scientifically formulated to provide a daily dose of skin essential vitamins and leaves the skin looking and feeling healthier and smoother.

Lightly-textured botanical and vitamin-enriched oil scientifically formulated with essential vitamins leaving skin looking and feeling healthier and smoother. Leaves skin looking hydrated, refreshed, balanced and assists in preventing effects of free radical damage to the skin.

Environ recommends: If adverse reactions of the skin occur, discontinue use until the skin has settled before reintroducing the product.


  1. Helps to control the appearance of breakouts.
  2. Leaves skin looking and feeling healthier.

How to use:

  1. Cleanse and tone with Sebu-Wash Gel Cleanser and Sebu-Tone Clarifier.
  2. Mix equal quantities of Sebu-Lac Lotion with Environ Sebu-ACE oil in the palm of your hand and gently massage into the affected areas.
  3. Use morning and evening.

Caution: This product does not contain a sunscreen. We recommend sensible sun practice and protection at all times. Avoid contact with the eyes, If contact occurs, rinse carefully with warm water.

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